Your Voice, Our Health

Take health surveys, join the community and get rewarded for improving health outcomes for black and brown people

How it works


Get Rewarded for Health Survey's

Complete survey's about your health and get points. These points can be redeemed for cash or a gift voucher of your choice.

improving knowledge

It's takes a village

Community has always worked for Black and Brown people IRL so why would we change that URL. Access to a community of over 3000 people talking about skin health.

A dedicated resources page will help you to increase your health knowledge


Mapping out our health

Health information back in your hands. Get an understanding of what is working for people like you all over the world.

We look at the data and analyse it to see trends of health in our communities. Those who join can Opt-in to sharing information about their health over time. With your permission, this information can be used to improve health for generations to come


Participate in Research

There is a host of opportunities that'll allow you to participate in advancing research for black and brown people. These studies are all on an opt-in basis.

We will never sell or transfer your data without your consent. We take Privacy Concerns seriously click here to find out more