About Us

Hutano translates to 'health' in Shona. We are on a mission to create a world of better health for black and brown people due to the inequalities that we face around the world.

We're on a journey, the destination looks like personalised healthcare specifically for black and brown people. A place where you are able to come and get individual insights about what works for you, support from people that look like you and a platform that ultimately works for us!

We have been identifying and building specific solutions since 2020. The work started with the Mind the Gap handbook co-authored by our founder. This handbook accelerated the conversation about the need for more inclusive resources for Black and Brown People.

Hutano was built to serve the people. The people who have been looking for a solution for many years but unable to find one. The people who are frustrated at the health experience for us. The people who ultimately want things to improve in the future.

We are extremely committed to being the driving force behind the improvement in healthcare for black and brown people. Join us on this journey!

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