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General advice which will help you to live a healthier lifestyle. This will be providing you with a lot of information

4 Minutes

Vitamin D for Black and Brown People

Vitamin D, aptly named the sunshine vitamin, is a natural molecule that is produced by the skin due to sunlight exposure. This ‘sunshine vitamin’ occupies a vital role in our health including bone health, immunity, and pregnancy among many others.
4 min read

3 Myths You May Have Been Told About Your Health

Healthcare misinformation is nothing new and unfortunately there are countless myths and misconceptions that are especially harmful to Black and Brown-skinned individuals and can even impact the type of care we receive in clinics and hospitals. It’s time to dispel some common and pervasive myths to ensure we take better care of ourselves.
3 min read

Advocate for yourself

What’s a health advocate you ask? A health advocate is someone who takes an active role in their own health and participates their healthcare decisions. Advocating for yourself and your health can be challenging but it should be a priority and we at Hutano have some tips to get you started.