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The social health platform for black and brown people. A safe space to discuss your skin health away from traditional social media

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Many people feel frustrated at the lack of inclusive resources for black and brown communities that exist online when it comes to health


Often feeling isolation from being unable to speak to people about your health. Within 3 minutes you can be part of a community of people discussing similar situations you may have faced!


We exist to ensure that we play our part to dismantling the health inequalities that are affecting Black and people of colour!


It's time consuming searches the internet for content 'on darker skin' and getting no results. Answers to your questions lie somewhere within the community

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4.5% of images in Dermatology textbooks show conditions on skin of colour

Creating a database of black and brown skin will be the most powerful tool for redefining perceptions about black and brown skin in healthcare.

With your help, we can provide empowering health, education and information to millions of Black & Brown people.

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Frequently asked questions

I am not black or brown can I use hutano?

We allow anyone onto our platform as long as they are allies of our work.
We believe that the quality of your care should not be compromised due to
the colour of your skin.

Why have you created it for black and brown people?

Black and Brown people have suffered at the hands of traditional healthcare
for many years. The existence of health inequalities that affect black and
brown people globally illustrates the need for dedicated safe spaces.

How does this help to dismantle health disparities?

Hutano is a space for people to engage, feel empowered and provide a voice
to black and brown people. The platform will ensure that people have a stronger
sense of health literacy. This in turn will aid in the movement to breakdown
health disparities

Is this linked to 'Mind the Gap'?

Hutano is a social platform which was created by the company Black and brown skin
Mind the Gap is also part of the products that have been released by Black and brown skin. Mind the Gap can be accessed here

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