Imagine a world where Black and Brown People were put first!

Buckle up! That's where we are heading...

But before we go there, lets find out how we got to where we are today.

Black and brown communities have been ignored for so long...

Here is the story about how we are changing that...

November 2019
Founder Malone started working on Mind the Gap: A clinical Handbook of signs and symptoms in black and brown skins
June 2020
Our Founder tweets about Mind the Gap and it went viral!
August 2020
Mind the Gap published

Mind the gap put out to the world!

“But what will it look like on darker skin?”- A question I’ve often asked myself during my time at medical school
This constant cerebration led me to curate a handbook that presents clinical features on darker skin. I hope this resource shifts the culture of medical education.


August 2020 launched

"It was important to not only stop at Mind the Gap. It was imperative to provide more content and imagery on darker skin."


December 2020
The idea for a social health platform was formulated on

The idea came from having so many health related questions that were being asked however there were times where it was difficult to answer these questions. It was clear that there was a global audience asking the questions however not a single place that was present to answer all of the questions.

February 2021
The Name Hutano is born

The name "Hutano" is born.



Health. (Shona)

November 2021
🚀 launch
Hutano Launches to a small group of people.
May 2022
Our Founder featured in Forbes 30 Under 30
Our mission is simple - To impact the health of EVERY Black and brown person globally in order to reduce health disparities that exist. This mission is bigger than you and I and will require a village to dismantle.

Join the mission, Join the Community, Join Hutano today!

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